Welcome to Walh-E-Mart

Greetings and welcome to my Core Exiles service website. I am Walhabie from the game and have been part of the game since 10th July 2009. If you have questions, or want any of the services I provide please contact me in game or try to catch me on game chat.

Thanks for stopping by!!

At this time I provide the following services and goods:

  • Craft all the current player made items (Reducer Available).
  • Engineer all Pods.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade a wide range of items.
  • Except and set up mining services.
  • Refining of 'Ore' to 'Refined Ore'.
  • Sub-Mol'ing Services.
  • Recycling 'Salvage' items (Currently do not have this).

Please see the corresponding links for the service you would like to review above or below